Problem with synchronization

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Problem with synchronization

Сообщение siema24 »

Does anyone know the scheme of a system that:

Checks if a new number (let's call it "x") appeared at an indicator and if so:
Checks if the current value of the amplitude ("A") of the sine wave generated by NI 9263 and captured to LabView by NI 9205 is greater than 0.9*MAX_AMPLITUDE (this value is known) and if so:
Multiplies x by A and puts the result in an array and until a new number appears on an indicator, multiplies each following value of the amplitde by x (but doesn't put the result in an array! -->> array size = number of

new numbers on an indicator).
For example: 3, 4, 5, 5, 5 on a indicator means 5 "new numbers" not 3.
if not then:
it waits for A>0,9*MAX_AMPLITUDE then it does the above and until that happens it does the above for a previous number (multiplies sin by it but doesn't put the result in a array)

I'm sorry for my english as I don't know it very well...thank you for help!

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Re: Problem with synchronization

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Re: Problem with synchronization

Сообщение IvanLis »

Forum jest polski oddział:
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Przepraszam za mój polski z tłumaczenia komputerowego z języka rosyjskiego :wink:

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